About us

GRNET, having an institutional role in the design of advanced information systems and infrastructures, is a consultant for the implementation of the objectives of the Ministry of Digital Governance for the digital transformation of the Public Administration. Adopts, specializes and supports the implementation of the objectives of the Digital Transformation Strategy for the Public Sector.

In this context, the Digital Governance Department – DigiGov – primarily supports the institutional role of GRNET in the design of advanced information systems and infrastructure, acts as a technical advisor to the Ministry of Digital Governance, adopts, specializes and promotes the implementation of digital transformation of Public Administration as defined and presented in the Digital Transformation Strategy.

The GRNET Digital Governance Directorate, operating under GRNET, specifies the goals of digital transformation based on fundamental principles, such as open standards, open source software and flexible implementation methodologies, which are also principles of the European Commission’s ISA² program for interoperability of the information systems of the public administrations of the Member States of the European Union, especially in the context of the 2023 deadline for cross-border services of the European Single Digital Gateway Regulation (SDGR). In this context, it focuses on the selection, promotion and development of tools, methodologies and good practices, and their implementation across the Public Administration as a whole.

The Digital Governance Directorate, contributes through its executives to the formulation of strategy proposals and to the design of the digital transformation, utilizing the experience and know-how that GRNET has. Conducts in-depth analyses and provides standard solutions for the interoperability of the information systems of the Public Administration and the improvement or creation of new digital services for the citizens’ benefit.

To achieve its strategic goals, the Management utilizes its human resources, invests in the existing GRNET infrastructure and assists in the design of new ones (eg Re-Cloud). At the same time, it is in constant communication with the stakeholders of the Public Administration through circles of Laboratories for the Public Administration (digigov sessions) and implements its strategy with short-term (Quick Wins) but also medium-term projects that promote its work and highlight its contribution. Finally, it works closely with international innovation and policy-making teams (eg European Digital Innovation Hubs) to disseminate good examples internationally and provide feedback on international best practices.